Free Screenings: Call to make an appointment for a free 30-minute screening to determine if your child needs an evaluation. Please fill out the Case History Intake Form to help make our time together more efficient.

Speech/Language Evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation will include a detailed file-review, observation, parent interview, interview with the child’s daycare or classroom teachers, a speech/language sample and administration of standardized tests. Also included in the cost of the evaluation is a written report and an explanation of the testing results. Testing time varies between children and may take more than one session. There is no extra charge for additional evaluation sessions.

Speech/Language Therapy: Therapy sessions will be offered in 30 and 60-minute increments. Written goals will be provided to guide the individualized therapy based off of the evaluation results, or if your child has had a recent evaluation and has current IEP goals, those can be used. Sessions can be at the clinic or at the home of the child.

Additionally, Speech and Language Connections offers:
  • Afternoon and evening appointments.
  • In-home therapy sessions.
  • Free onsite parking.
  • Homework activities to support your child’s continued growth.

Frequently Asked Questions: